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The below list contains products Regional Brass Industries are offering at discounted prices.



*** For general enquiries on any standard or special products feel free to contact us



All Prices are Wholesale & do not include GST.
DescriptionCodePack SizePriceStockOrder Qty

2" x 6" Allthread Nipple.
AS3688 - DR
Made In Australia
ATN-2016Single$13.70 eachEx Stock

3/8" Brass Cap
Watermark Fitting
CAP-3902Single$1.55 eachNil Stock 
CAP-3902Pack of 100$0.68 eachNil Stock 

3/4F x 3/4C Elbow
Watermark Fitting
Made In Australia
F-C/ELBOW-6514Single$2.80 eachSpecial Offer

3/4" F x 3/4" C Union
Watermark Fitting
Made In Australia
F-C/UNION-6119Single$0.00 eachP.O.A

1/8" F & F Barrel Union
Industrial Fitting
FFB/UNION-5000Single$1.50 eachEx Stock
FFB/UNION-5000Pack of 50$1.00 eachEx Stock

1/8" F & F Elbow
Industrial Fitting
FFELB-4100Single$1.00 eachEx Stock
FFELB-4100Pack of 50$0.68 eachEx Stock

1/4" F & F Elbow
DR Industrial Fitting
FFELB-4101Single$1.90 eachEx Stock
FFELB-4101Pack of 50$1.25 eachEx Stock

1/8" BSPT Hex Nipple
Industrial Fitting
HNIP-2600TSingle$0.85 eachEx Stock

2" BSPT Hex Nipple
Watermark Fitting
HNIP-2608TSingle$16.60 eachEx Stock
HNIP-2608TPack of 20$9.75 eachEx Stock

1/8" Hex Socket
Industrial Fitting
HSKT-3500Single$1.80 eachEx Stock

1/4" Hex Socket
Watermark Fitting
HSKT-3501Single$1.25 eachEx Stock

1/2" Hex Socket
Watermark Fitting
HSKT-3503Single$3.30 eachEx Stock
HSKT-3503Pack of 10$1.65 eachEx Stock

3/4" Hex Socket
AS3688 - DR
Made In Australia
HSKT-3509Single$3.90 eachEx Stock
HSKT-3509Pack of 20$1.95 eachEx Stock

5/8" x 1/2" Red Hex Socket
DR Industrial Fitting
Made In Australia
HSKTR-3618Single$9.50 eachEx Stock
HSKTR-3618Pack of 20$7.25 eachEx Stock

1/2" Brass Locknut
Industrial Fitting
LNUT-2103Single$1.10 eachEx Stock
LNUT-2103Pack of 10$0.64 eachEx Stock

1/4" M & F Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFA-3700Single$1.17 eachNormal Price
MFA-3700Single$0.50 eachSpecial Offer

1/8" M & F Barrel Union
Industrial Fitting
MFB/UNION-5100Pack of 10$3.08 eachEx Stock
MFB/UNION-5100Pack of 50$2.05 eachEx Stock

1/4" M & F Barrel Union
Watermark Fitting
MFB/UNION-5101Single$4.80 eachEx Stock
MFB/UNION-5101Pack of 20$4.00 eachEx Stock

1/2" x 3" M & F Ext.
DR Industrial Fitting
MFEXT-2803Single$3.64 eachNormal Price
MFEXT-2803Single$2.00 eachSpecial Offer

1/8" F & F Tee
Industrial Fitting
TEE-4400Single$1.20 eachEx Stock

1/4" F & F Tee
Industrial Fitting
TEE-4401Single$2.20 eachEx Stock

3/8" F & F Tee
Industrial Fitting
TEE-4402Single$2.85 eachEx Stock