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Nuts & Tails - Lugged

About Nuts & Tails - LuggedLugged Nut + Tail


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DescriptionCodePack SizePriceStockOrder Qty

1/2" Nut x 1/2" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1390Single$3.30 eachEx Stock
NT-1390Pack of 20$2.20 eachEx Stock
NT-1390Pack of 200$1.94 eachEx Stock

3/4" Nut x 1/2" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1400/1Single$4.30 eachOn Order
NT-1400/1Pack of 20$2.90 eachOn Order

1-1/2" Nut x 1" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1415Single$18.00 eachEx Stock
NT-1415Pack of 10$14.50 eachEx Stock

1-1/2" Nut x 1-1/4" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1416Single$16.05 eachEx Stock
NT-1416Pack of 10$12.80 eachEx Stock

1-1/2" Nut x 1-1/2"Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1417Single$17.50 eachEx Stock
NT-1417Pack of 10$14.00 eachEx Stock

2" Nut x 1-1/4" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1419Single$23.50 eachNil Stock 
NT-1419Pack of 10$18.90 eachNil Stock 

2" Nut x 1-1/2" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1420Single$22.95 eachOn Order
NT-1420Pack of 10$18.35 eachOn Order

2" Nut x 2" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1421Single$20.40 eachEx Stock
NT-1421Pack of 10$16.30 eachEx Stock

2-1/2" Nut x 2-1/2" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1425Single$31.80 eachNil Stock 

3" Nut x 3" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1426Single$45.80 eachNil Stock 

4" Nut x 4" Tail
Industrial Fitting
NT-1427Single$76.10 eachNil Stock