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NPT Male to BSPP Female Adaptors

About Male to Female Adaptors Male to Female Adaptor NPT



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DescriptionCodePack SizePriceStockOrder Qty

1/2"NPTM x 1/2"BSPF Adaptor
AS3688 - DR
Made In Australia
MFA-3740Single$10.30 eachEx Stock
MFA-3740Pack of 20$7.40 eachEx Stock

1/2"NPTM x 3/4"BSPF Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFAR-3850Single$11.85 eachEx Stock
MFAR-3850Pack of 20$8.50 eachEx Stock

1/2"NPTM x 1"BSPF Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFAR-3852Single$14.15 eachEx Stock
MFAR-3852Pack of 20$10.10 eachEx Stock

3/4" NPTM x 3/4" BSPF Adaptor
AS3688 - DR
Made In Australia
MFA-3745Single$29.00 eachEx Stock
MFA-3745Pack of 20$11.20 eachMade To Order
MFA-3745Pack of 100$6.40 eachMade To Order

1" NPTM x 1" BSPF Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFA-3750Single$13.30 eachEx Stock
MFA-3750Pack of 30$9.50 eachOn Order
MFA-3750Pack of 50$8.30 eachMade To Order

1"NPTM x 1-1/4"BSPF Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFAR-3860Single$22.00 eachEx Stock
MFAR-3860Pack of 10$15.70 eachEx Stock

1"NPTM x 1-1/2"BSPF Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFAR-3862Single$23.35 eachEx Stock
MFAR-3862Pack of 10$16.65 eachOn Order

1-1/4" NPTM x 1-1/4" BSPF Adaptor
AS3688 - DR
Made In Australia
MFA-3751Single$45.00 eachEx Stock
MFA-3751Pack of 10$36.05 eachEx Stock
MFA-3751Pack of 50$21.65 eachMade To Order

1-1/2" NPTM x 1-1/2" BSPF Adaptor
AS3688 - DR
Made In Australia
MFA-3752Single$53.10 eachEx Stock
MFA-3752Pack of 10$35.40 eachMade To Order
MFA-3752Pack of 20$26.40 eachMade To Order

1-1/2"NPTM x 2"BSPF Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFAR-3870Single$30.50 eachEx Stock
MFAR-3870Pack of 10$21.80 eachEx Stock

2" NPTM x 2" BSPF Adaptor
Industrial Fitting
MFA-3753Single$30.50 eachEx Stock
MFA-3753Pack of 20$23.15 eachMade To Order